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Other Blogs About Coding in the Clink III

After the other two Code Retreats, we had a little blog activity, but after this one more than half the outside developers blogged about it, so I figured I’d gather the links here.

Rob Conaway

Amber Conville

Mike Cornell

Angela Harms

Tracy Harms

Jeff Hoover

Max Langensiepen

Dan Wiebe

Aaaaand it appears that I’ve forgotten the name of one of the eight developers who participated. Somebody please correct me, and apologies in advance to the unidentified developer.  Thanks.

Update: Ah, I remembered.  The last guy is Max Langensiepen, who signed up late. Sorry, Max. Gotcha in there now.  Oh–and Amber, thanks for reminding me…although I did actually remember before I saw your tweet.

Another Update: Now we have a sixth blog from Tracy Harms.

Hopefully Second-To-Last Update: Seventh blog from Angela Harms. Now Max is the only one missing.