Big Meeting Tonight

From the time when the JavaGuys program started to the time Rob and Joel joined, there were just the guys inside and me.  The program was run a certain way because that was the best way I could think of to run it with just one guy on the outside.

When Rob and Joel joined, and were inexperienced with working in prison, we pretty much kept doing things the way we had done them before, just because that was the way everybody knew to do them.

Lately, though, both the inside guys and we outside guys have been becoming dissatisfied with the status quo.  Joel and Rob and I met for dinner to discuss it, and wound up burning up three hours.  The next time we were in prison, we discovered that that very night a bunch of the inside guys had also met to discuss their own dissatisfaction, and had come up with a few interesting ways to improve things.

So we scheduled a common meeting tonight, and talked about A) improved ways to get things into and out of the prison, B) improved methods of reviewing code, C) how to help the guys pair more effectively, D) how to use everyone’s time better, and D) what to do on Tuesday nights.

Lots of it is still vaporware, but I think there’s definite potential.  It was a good retrospective.

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